Top # 100+ Women’s Day 2018 Shayari & Poems with Best Wishes

By | March 6, 2018

Women’s Day 2017 Shayari & Poems with Best Wishes: Hi! What’s up? We Welcome you to our blog. First of all, Our FestWish Team Wishing you a very Happy International Women’s Day 2018 to all readers. You can share these Shayari and Poems with your mother, sister, wife, daughter, and girlfriend on 8th March 2018. In the previous post, We have published the Women’s Day 2018 HD Wallpapers, Cover Photos and Banners for social networking sites like facebook, google+ and twitter. You can get it from here. Women’s Day 2018 HD Wallpaper, Facebook Cover Photo & Banners

Top # 100+ Women’s Day 2018 Shayari & Poems with Best Wishes

We also have Happy Women’s Day 2018 Whatsapp & Facebook Status and Women’s Day 2018 Wishes, Quotes, Messages & SMS. Here, We are going to provide the Best Happy International Women’s Day 2018 Shayari & Poems with Best Wishes for Women’s Day 2018.

Women's Day 2017 Shayari

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Latest Women’s Day 2018 Shayari with Best Wishes in Hindi & Eng;ish

  • उरत का इस दुनिआ और उस दुनिआ में मान है,
    औरत एक बहिन है,
    एक बेटी है, एक पत्नी है,
    औरत के बिना कुछ भी नहीं,
    ये जहाँ है!
  • दिलो में बस जाये वो मोहब्बत हु,
    कबि बहिन कबि ममता की मूरत हु,
    मेरे आँचल में हैं सजे चाँद सितारे,
    माँ की कदमो में बसी एक जन्नत हु,
    हर रंग रूप में ढल कर सवार जाऊ,
    सब्र की मिसाल हर रिश्ते की ताक़त हु,
    अपने हौसलों से तक़दीर को बदल दू,
    सुन्न ले ए दुनिआ हाँ मै एक औरत हु.
  • ए औरत तुझे क्या कहु तेरी हर
    बात निराली है, तू एक ऐसा पौदा
    है जिस घर रहे वह हरियाली
    ही हरियाली है, तेरी शान में
    सिर्फ इतना कह सकते हैं, तेरी
    ऊंचाइयों के सामने आसमान भी
    नहीं रह सकता है, मेरा सिर्फ
    इतना सा एक पैगाम है, ए औरत
    तुझे मेरा सर झुका कर सलाम है.

Shayari source: Women’s Day Shayari

  • Ponch kar aansu apne, saha har apmaan,.
    Har ghar me bani wo pyaar ki murat..
    Laxmi, durga, saraswati ke rup me,.
    Janmi is sansaar me, ban kar ek aurat..
    Happy Women’s Day 2018!
  • Aurat  Ka Is Dunya or Us Dunya Mein Maan Hai
    Aurat Ek Behan Hai Ek Beti Hai 1 Patni Hai
    Aurat K Beena Yeh Jahan Kuch Bhi Nhi Hai.
    !! Happy Women’s Day 2018 !!
  • मन में ममता और करुणा का भाव लिए,बड़े ही खूबसूरती के साथ अपनी सभी,जिम्मेदारियां निभाती है परिवार की धुरी महिला,चेहरे की रौनक सूरज सी बढ़ती जाए,

    भीतर की ऊर्जा सदा दमकती जाए,

    महिला दिवस 2018 की ढ़ेरो शुभकामनाएं.

  • वह जन्म देने तुम, वह तुम्हें दे प्यार करता हूँ,वह मुस्कान को सिखाता है तुम, के लिए मील तक पहुँचने कि,इसकी हर एक के पीछे औरत,सुंदरता का पर्याय, इसका उसे दिन …

    !!मुबारक महिला दिवस 2018!!

  • अर्ध सत्य तुम, अर्ध स्वप्न तुम, अर्ध निराशा आशा,अर्ध अजित जित, अर्ध तृप्ति तुम, अर्ध अतृप्ति पिपासा,आधी काया आग तुम्हारी, आधी काया पानी,अर्धांगिनी नारी ! तुम जीवन की आधी परिभाषा !

    आज अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय महिला 2017 दिवस की शुभकामनाएं।

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Best Women’s Day 2018 Poems for Daughter, Sister & Wife

  • I am a soldier but not in a war
    I never shot a gun or seen all the gore.
    But I go into battle each and every day
    from my intended purpose I shall not stray.
    There are people who need me, this I know
    and from this experience I will grow.
    If the truth be told, I’ll say it first
    I need them more, It’s them I thirst.
    They don’t always like what I have to do
    in time though, I think they’ll gain a clue.
    It does get tough, I will not lie.
    Sometimes it’s easy to just stop and cry.
    Am I a soldier? Yes! You can call me that.
    But you’ll never see me in straight combat.
    Those who know me call me by another.
    What was that word? o’h yes, it was mother.

Source: Women’s Day Shayari

  • For a short time I had
    your body in my body;
    I carried
    your belly in my belly.And now, though I have
    your heart in my heart
    and feel
    your soul in my soul.I will never have your
    hand in my hand.
    I miss
    your life in my life.
  • When her children are asleep,
    she is right there to watch over them
    When they open their eyes,
    she is right there to greet them
    When they are sick,
    she is right there to nurse them
    When they are in trouble,
    she is right there to protect them
    When they need love,
    she is right there to give them
    a Mother’s love!
  • My beautiful Mother
    sweet as a flower
    Never asks for anything
    Always giving
    Always smiling
    Never frowning
    Caring as a teacher
    Never too busy to give advice
    Always there by my side
    Always helping
    Never neglecting
    Understanding as a counsellor
    Never gives up
    Always does her best
    Always shining
    Never quitting

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